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No Time for Poverty operates Klinik Timoun Nou Yo (KTNY) in Port Salut, Haiti.  Creole for “Our Children’s Clinic,” KTNY is the only pediatric health and medical center located in the southwestern region of Haiti.  KTNY provides the finest in urgent and primary care.  We are also the largest moderate and severe malnutrition treatment center in that area.   Our unique Well-Baby Program provides comprehensive evaluations, vaccinations, and caregiver education.  Our Breastfeeding and Nutrition Education programs ensure that our families are provided with as much information as possible in raising healthy children.  We employ 39 highly trained, extremely dedicated, and deeply compassionate medical and operations staff, all of whom are from and live in the region.


Dear Friends of No Time For Poverty,

Every New Year brings change. This New Year means whopping changes for No Time For Poverty! On January 1, 2018, all of Klinik Timoun Nou Yo’s assets, obligations and leadership were transferred to St Luke and its parent affiliate, St Damien.

For a very long time, the future of KTNY weighed heavily on our minds. We had achieved and surpassed what we had set out to do. We developed, built, and operated one of the finest pediatric health and medical centers in Haiti and only in the being there could its magnitude be truly appreciated. Another critical challenge, however, still loomed large. Despite the generosity of donors like you, the need to sustain KTNY beyond our lifetime was daunting.

To ease that burden, we set out to establish a partnership, but not with just any agency. We sought an organization with a proven track record for longevity, great leadership, and great means. It needed to provide the highest quality pediatric medical care and have values, not similar, but identical to ours. St Luke and St Damien were the only organizations that met our criteria and what began as an intended partnership developed into an acquisition.

Under the leadership and guidance of Priest and Physician, Father Rick Frechette, St Damien’s operates the finest pediatric hospital in Port au Prince serving the poorest of the poor. Also under his direction is St. Luke Hospital, built for that same population of adults. To come to know these organizations, you need to come to know the man. I urge you to meet him via the recent New York Times Article of December 13, 2017:

St Luke’s and St Damien’s approach is holistic; they not only address the medical needs of the poor but build homes and schools and develop agricultural programs in the communities they serve and this be their plan for Port Salut. Their offer to acquire KTNY was an opportunity we could not refuse. Never ever could it be placed in better hands, heart, or leadership!

We are in the process of dissolving No Time For Poverty. There are no words to express what has been a most profound and unexplainable journey. In the many years it has taken, we have experienced the most complex and often abstract challenges in the pursuit of saving children. We fought many battles. We lost a fair number but, fortunately, won those that mattered most.

These days, we are frequently asked about what is next for us, a difficult question because we never chose this last chapter. It chose us and we suspect the next one will be written in much the same way. For now, we live in gratitude, thankful to the community of Port Salut and its children whose fortitude, perseverance, and love was model and mold for us to never give up. We are grateful for family and friends, both old and new, whose love and support was food and sustenance for our journeys and we are enormously appreciative of donors like you for trusting us to use your money wisely and well.

We are indebted to our children, Jacob and Sidney, Doctors Al Michael and Robin Horak, our Board Members past and present, the entire KTNY staff, and countless volunteers here and in Haiti. We are most especially grateful to our talented, dedicated, and selfless colleague of twenty five years, who for six of those years wore every hat there was to wear at No Time for Poverty including Director of Operations for KTNY. A better, more devoted, supportive friend, associate, and staff there never was but for Sue Grundhoffer.

In closing, there be no reservations nor hesitations. Klinik Timoun Nou Yo and Port Salut will thrive. Its children will continue to be served by the same loving and dedicated staff providing the same multitude of services. It is with the greatest confidence that we welcome you to continue your support in the future by sending your donations, earmarked for KTNY, to:

St Luke Foundation for Haiti

att: Alfredo Benitez

8980 SW 56th St

Miami, FL  33165

Write Klinik Timoun Nou Yo in the reference line

Or donate online at:

Again, we thank you for your support and love and wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year!

In Appreciation,

Jeff and Michele

I had a great experience.  The clinic is beautiful and exactly what people in Haiti (and countries like it) deserve.  Everyone associated with the clinic welcomed me warmly and generously took time to explain/teach things to me.  You all have put together a truly excellent staff.  Hopefully I will see them all again at some point.  Thank you so much for being willing to host me!

—Randall Blankers

In my travels to Peru, Mexico, and Kenya I have never seen such beautiful, clean, cheerful and spirited facilities.  The clinic was a place for happiness and everyone was treated with respect.

I am so impressed with what you have created.  Bravo.  Thank you for helping the world and this community.  Also, thank you for sharing it with me.  I am in awe and inspired.  Today I am moved to figure out how I can continue to help as NTFP continues to grow.

—Alexis Walsko

I was blown away with my experience in Haiti.  No Time For Poverty has something very special going for it.  I was worried about being a non-medical volunteer at first, but left feeling very inspired to come home and spread the word about the incredible work being done at NTFP.

—Danielle King


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